Climbing projects

I intend to climb in Victoria and want to take a trad course in the Arapiles or Blue Mountains later on this year. I am also thinking of staying in Tasmania for a while afterwards, and would want to climb as much as possible!

In the meantime, I am wondering about the best way to connect climbers worldwide. While a few forums and websites and even a couple apps to find crags and climbing partners exist they are generally location specific and not super adapted, I find, to solo long-term travellers hoping to climb outdoor during their wanderings.

Looking to set a get together online thing for climbers in general worldwide. If you are interested in that kind of stuff or have something you can already recommend, contact me !

In between other various climbing adventures, when I lived in London, I used to climb with other vegan climbers met on a Facebook group. Loved the community feel there and our sessions as well as a few short outings we organized. Looking to do something similar… but on a worldwide scale.  If you are interested in meeting other vegan climbers, look this up.



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