Rock-climbing and exploring Squamish

29/06/2018 (EU date)

Leaving Vancouver I cycled to Horseshoe Bay again where I followed the Sea to Sky highway. Brendan had warned me that it could get quite busy and the noise of the cars could be quite overwhelming. I played music on my phone, but unfortunately without earbuds it was completely covered by the noise. At last I was excited to get to Squamish at the end of the day- which had been in my mind for a while.

View from the highway
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Southern Loop (456km)


Getting out of La Paz on a paved road for more than 15 miles, we get hot and sweaty 20 minutes in. It’s 30°C and the road climbs gradually and slowly until we turn onto dirt. At lunchtime we munch on grapefruits, much appreciated. Once on dirt it is mainly downhill, with a few small hills in between. We have good views after a few turns. The landscape fools us as what we think is sea far away turns out to be land.

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Mulege to La Paz (634 kilometers)


Before leaving Mulege we looked for a local fisherman who could take us accross the bay on his boat. The next section of the Divide, the most remote side of Bahía Conception, is only reachable this way. After some asking around and bargaining with locals, we end up finding a tour boat/fishing guide on the indications of an American tourist (himself found in a bar). On our departure day, waiting for Alejandro at the boat launch we have some time to admire the pelicans and other birds there…

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